Rock N’ Roll Opener Recap

This past Friday we had the privilege of having Snake oil Band, Junkyard Drummers, and the John King Dance band perform for our Music Friday Rock N’ Roll Opener In Lancaster Square. The weather was touch and go throughout the day, but when Snake oil went on the sun decided to shine, and the combination truly brought our event to life. Snake Oil’s Rock N’ Roll sound encouraged people passing by to enquire about our event, and stay to see what else MOOSE and Music For Everyone had to offer.

The Junkyard drummers were the next act to take the stage. The students of the program, ranging from elementary to high school, provided a great display of creativity, energy, and eagerness to perform for their community. I like the idea of turning recycled materials and buckets into musical instruments and while watching the students use them and incorporate break dancing with the rhythm of the beat, which I applaud because it did not look easy. I must say that their energy during the performance was a great opportunity for the community to see the hard work that goes into the Junkyard Drumming program, and have it pay off with the support of the community. Overall I think the crowd had as much fun watching them perform as they did performing.

Next, Music For Everyone had a raffle for an African style Drum; which was followed by them auctioning off an original piece of artwork, a drawn picture, which was created during the event.

Our last act was John King Dance Band which brought new hits, classic rock, and original songs of their own to the table. The weather was spotty, which allowed for a short intermission, but when the rain stopped the double rainbow appeared over Downtown Lancaster, and the show went on. People were dancing the night away as the John King Dance Band continued their set until around 9:00.

We had Kunzler, who is celebrating their 110th Anniversary, and Rachel’s Café and Creperie there at the event vending a variety of different hotdogs and crepes. Lancaster Brewing Company provided Fest, an Amber Lager, and Strawberry Wheat Ale for the event. Tamanend Winery provided an array of different wines, including their margarita wine, for the event. Beverage proceeds benefited both MOOSE and Music for Everyone.

I hope that everyone had as great of a time as I did, and I look forward to seeing old and new faces at the next Music Friday in Lancaster Square, June 17th, and Celebrate Lancaster, June 24th.

Written by: Ashley Lynch

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