Rock the Block

Throughout my five months as an intern at MOOSE I have learned so much about the fun events and activities the City of Lancaster has to offer.  As I was handing out posters for MOOSE’s Music Friday and Celebrate Lancaster! events the other week, I noticed the banner about the Rock the Block event the 300 Block of North Queen Street was hosting. I had never heard about this event before so I was pretty curious about it.  One day while we were brainstorming topics to write about in MOOSE’s new blog we decided to start including events that we weren’t hosting along with writing about our events. We decided Rock the Block would be an awesome event to write about since it is a very large event and includes a lot of the great local businesses in Downtown.   This gave me the chance to attend the event and still do something productive for MOOSE, that’s what you’d call a win-win!  To start, I got into contact with a businessperson on the 300 Block that is participating in the event to get more information.  Here’s the blurb I got in return:

“The 300 Block of North Queen Street presents “ROCK THE BLOCK” – our 9th annual street party!  It’s scheduled for this Sunday, June 5, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  This year’s event features plenty of live music, including the Chelsea Squares, Silver Hawks, Octavia Blues, Mama Tried, and Slackwater News.  Live music will be going on all day, plus great food vendors (with seating throughout the block and at the Northgate parking lot), and several craft vendors.  PLUS, all the great shops on the block will be open!  There will also be a chance to support The Steve Murray Special Needs Fund.  The event will run rain or shine, but we just KNOW the weather will be perfect.  Best of all, it’s FREE!  Please join us for a great time, live music, delicious food, and plenty of shopping opportunities!”

As a poor recent college graduate, “FREE” sparked my interest even more so I decided to bring some friends and go check out Rock the Block!

On Sunday, June 5th I attended the Block’s 9th annual street party.  The music was awesome and definitely my favorite part; it was great to see people dancing and have a good time! I also love wandering around all the shops on the 300 Block and it was great to look around and see all the other tents and tables out!

Events like these are what MOOSE is all about – bringing people together and bringing excitement to Downtown Lancaster.  I had a great time at the block party and will definitely be going back for the 10th annual party!  Rock the Block was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! If you attended I’d love to hear your thoughts on the event as well!!

Written by: Megan Hartnett

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