Music Friday – Roots Rock Revival

August 19th MOOSE, Music for Everyone, and Series 42 will be having Roots Rock Revival as the Music Friday theme in downtown Lancaster, across from Binns park. The music begins at 5:30 and continues until 8:45 in the evening. Admission is free and MOOSE will have a pub area set up with Wine from Tamanend Winery and beer from Lancaster Brewing Company. There will also be vendors from Kunzler and Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie.

Vinegar Creek Constituency will be opening the show at 5:30. Their set will continue until 6:40. Vinegar Creek Constituency is an eclectic, incendiary string band out of the PA Dutch Country. They channel venerable old ghosts of American folk tradition through imaginative, emotive original songs delivered with rock n roll intensity. Their music is full of shouting, floorboard- stomping soul, and their live performances are uplifting, high energy events with fans dancing in the aisles and clapping, stomping, and singing along.

Next there will be a performance from the Music For Everyone chorus.

At 7:30, the Defibulators will take the stage and continue their set until 8:45. The Defibulators have emerged as one of the most engaging live acts from the thriving roots scene in Brooklyn, NY – melding bluegrass, rockabilly, honky-tonk, and punk into their own eclectic sound.

Crawdaddy, The magazine of Rock, based in San Jose, California had this to say about The Defibulators,

“The Defibulators (not defibrillators) hail from Brooklyn, New York’s thriving indie scene and they’ve developed a funky, rootsy, out-of-control sound that’s all their own. The six-man, one-woman band blends bluegrass, country, honky tonk, rockabilly, Dixieland jazz, punk, and maybe a touch of anti-folk into an intoxicating, good-time mélange that’s guaranteed to slap a smile on your face. Roots-heavy, post-punk music that reinvents the conventions of country music with a CBGB-meets-Grand Ole Opry feel.” -Crawdaddy

I encourage everyone to come out and walk around Downtown Lancaster while enjoying live music and a cold beverage from the MOOSE pub area.

Written By: L. Ashley Lynch

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